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The $10t climate

Stakeholder demand1-5 to decarbonize the global economy is creating a paradigm shift. This shift has created $10 trillion in global funding for decarbonization via subsidies, tax credits, and private investment, but most companies fail to extract value from these opportunities.

Loam navigates the complicated landscape for you to unlock dollars and bring a profit mindset to your climate investment.

  1. 1. SBTI Committed Companies
  2. 5. Impending Regulation

Loam is your partner in achieving climate outcomes. 

Your board wants us.

Think of Loam as your AI-enabled Chief Climate Officer, unlocking your climate investment strategy and decarbonization opportunities, while understanding the governance and risks you will face. Through our personalized target portfolios, Loam develops actionable and quantifiable pathways towards achieving your climate transformation goals.
In addition to driving progress toward climate goals and capturing value, Loam safeguards your business from climate risks and helps you secure rights to key resources.

How it works

We navigate your climate transformation journey.

Strategy Planning

Start your climate journey with Loam's strategic planning tools. We use AI to assess your unique situation, understand the risks, and develop an effective roadmap to reduce your carbon footprint.

Setting a Baseline
& Goals

Use Loam’s baselining tools to develop a clear understanding of your current environmental footprint. Loam creates a customized plan to track your greenhouse gas emissions, helping you see exactly where you are and where you need to go on your journey.

Decarbonization Portfolios

Generate a personalized portfolio of decarbonization projects to reduce your carbon emissions. Loam accelerates these efforts through our AI portfolio builder, combined with an ecosystem of experts, to provide strategic guidance and support throughout execution.

Unlock Incentives

Discover grants, subsidies, and private investment opportunities through our automated rules engine to unlock dollars for your organization.

Project Development

Accelerate your journey towards achieving climate outcomes with Loam's AI-enabled automation tools. Incorporate early-stage projects into your strategy with ease and make the most of our network to maximize your impact and reach your goal faster.

A massive opportunity lies before us

of the worlds companies are
small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
that make up global supply chains
tCO2e annually or 45% of
global emissions come from SMEs

Loam’s mission is to mobilize & equip small-to-medium sized enterprises to capture value as active drivers of global decarbonization

Source: Carbon Footprint of SMEs

Start your climate journey today.

We are offering a select number of clients the opportunity to join our 2024 enrollment

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